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Conservation Canines is a world leader in training and fielding detection dog-handler teams to work in service to science. 

For 20 years as a program of the University of Washington's Center for Conservation Biology, we have been committed to selecting the best dogs and handlers, teaching them the diverse skills necessary to provide the highest quality data to researchers and natural resource managers. 

Our teams excel in the location of a wide range of carnivore and herbivore scats, live amphibians, feathers, eggs, plants, toxins, pellets, bones, and carcasses. We have worked in sub-zero temperatures in deep snow, the blazing heat of Africa, the rain forest of Mexico, the steep mountain terrain of the Pyrenees, and even from the bow of a boat on the ocean. We have trained our dogs to find elusive predators, endangered mice, caterpillar frass that is virtually undetectable by the human eye, and eggs buried four feet below the sand.

We do all this by fostering a culture of learning, furthering the strength of our teams and the applications of the keen canine nose to work in service to science...More>>