Sniffing out solutions

For over 20 years, our specially trained rescue dogs have been sniffing out solutions to the most pressing ecological problems around the globe.


Speeding Up Science

We locate and provide data on multiple facets of any given ecosystem, at rates unmatched by other techniques. This broad-scale information points researchers toward the best actions to take to successfully rehabilitate ecosystems in the most rapid and efficient way possible. 


Why Dogs Work Best

We are a world leader in training and fielding detection dog-handler teams to work in service to science. For 20 years as a program of the University of Washington's Center for Conservation Biology, we have been utilizing the best dogs and handlers, using their diverse skills to provide the highest quality data to researchers and natural resource managers. 


Rescuing The Underrated

We seek out dogs who are "failures" as pets. They are turned over to shelters or perhaps even placed on death row. With patience and training, we uncover their secret powers of scent detection. The endless energy and ball obsession turn misfits into conservation super heroes helping to protect those places and species that are running out of options. 


Who We Work With

  • State and federal government agencies

  • Environmental organizations

  • Private industries

  • Academic institutions

We Span The Globe

Our projects have taken us to Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, Central America, and South America. From jungle to tundra, we are prepared for any environment. 

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A program of the University of Washington's Center For Conservation Biology

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