Alli's Story

This little lady joined us a long, long time ago, way back in 2005. Alli's spunk and vivacity quickly won her a spot in head handler Heath's heart. Since becoming a part of the pack, Alli has gone on innumerous studies tracking a dozen different species. While her work has taken her all over the country, she is most specialized in species of the PNW. Most recently, Alli went to Oregon in search of the silverspot butterfly caterpillar, a very rare species that has only been seen once in the wild in the last 30 years! While this work was difficult and often bore little reward, the teams were able to find the frass (caterpillar poop) of individuals in the field! At 13 years old, Alli is settling in to retired life at the side of her best friend. She still loves to play ball, and will affectionately nip on the neck of anyone who sits down and pets her.

Scenes From The Field



Species Trained On:

  • Maned wolf
  • Wolverine
  • Grizzly bear
  • American pine marten
  • Sierra red fox
  • Pacific pocket mouse
  • Pacific water shrew
  • Oregon spotted frog
  • Mink
  • Short-tailed weasel
  • Silverspot frass

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