Annual Calendar Fundraiser

Score a beautiful wall calendar and other goodies when you support Conservation Canines!


Our annual fundraiser is not to be missed! With your support we can rescue more dogs and trek further in the field to sniff out solutions for all types of conservation projects around the world. Whether searching for caterpillar frass, endangered species scat, noxious plants or toxins, you have the chance to come along on our adventures each month with the Conservation Canines Wall Calendar. 

Each year in the fall we launch our fundraiser, which features a beautiful 8.5x11" wall calendar as well as other custom goodies like bandanas, stickers, and more! It's an important fundraiser for our program, with an emphasis on FUN. 


Stay tuned for the launch of our 2018 Calendar Fundraiser. 


Take a look at pages from our 2018 calendar: 

Take a look at pages from our 2017 calendar: 

Take a look at pages from our 2016 calendar: 


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