Annual Calendar Fundraiser


Score a beautiful wall calendar and other goodies when you support Conservation Canines!

Our annual fundraiser is not to be missed! With your support we can rescue more dogs and trek further in the field to sniff out solutions for all types of conservation projects around the world.


For over 20 years, Conservation Canines is hard at work every day supporting our scat detection dogs. We rely on donations and grants to keep the dogs healthy, warm and dry.

As a way to say thank you to everyone who helps us with financial support, we have created a beautiful 2019 wall calendar and other goodies as thank you gifts for your tax-deductible donation to our program.

This year's calendar illustrates the story behind the scenes of a Conservation Canines dog. Each month also features fun dog holidays to celebrate with your own pooch, and the anniversary dates of each of our active CK9 dogs. 

Lend Your Support In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Click the button below

  2. Complete a donation to "Canines Annual Support Fund" at your desired donation level

  3. Eagerly await your goodies in the mail!

Please note: We only ship to U.S. addresses. Gifts will begin shipping on November 1st. We cannot guarantee gifts will arrive by a certain date.


Reward Levels

We are thankful for any donation in any amount. Even if you have just a few dollars to spare, every little bit makes a difference and earns our undying gratitude. 

For reference on your receipt from UW: The portion of the donation that exceeds the fair market value (FMV) is tax-deductible.

CK9 Sidekicks  :  $25

Reward: 1 limited edition bandana (FMV: $2)

Pawsome Supporters  :  $50

Reward: 1 Exclusive CK9 2019 Calendar (FMV: $15)


Wag-Worthy Fans  :  $75

Reward: 1 Exclusive CK9 2019 Calendar, 1 limited edition bandana (FMV: $17)


Working Dog Devotees  :  $150

Reward: 2 calendars, 1 bandana, a photo postcard from one of the teams with an update from the field (FMV: $32)


Wildlife Warriors  :  $250

Reward: 3 calendars, 2 bandanas, a personal video thank-you from the Ck9 team posted on our Instagram and Facebook accounts. (FMV: $49)


Scent Detection Superstars  :  $500

Reward: 5 calendars, 2 bandanas, an official embroidered patch from the CK9 team, and a personal video thank-you from the Ck9 team posted on our Instagram and Facebook accounts (FMV: $79)

Preview the 2019 Calendar:

Pages from our 2018 calendar: 

Pages from our 2017 calendar: 

Pages from our 2016 calendar: 


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