Casey's Story

This little bean joined our program in 2008, when the Kitsap Humane Society told us about a little Jack Russell who couldn't even be adopted by the Jack Russell rescue group! Our handlers saw that this pup needed a job, and Casey went on an exciting adventure to southern California in search of the Pacific pocket mouse. This species was thought to be extinct, but the CK9s were called in to do noninvasive surveys after a mouse was found in a live animal trap! After this project, Casey "self-retired". He still wanted to play ball, but wasn't really into working for the reward. So we found a new job for him: education outreach! Now, Casey and his handler, Julianne, travel from school to school teaching kids about the work we do and the exciting world of science! Casey is the perfect ambassador for the classroom, have you seen Casey at your school?

Scenes From The Field


Species Trained On:

  • Wolverine
  • Pacific pocket mouse


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