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With hands-on lessons catered to a variety of grade levels and educational requirements, we strive to make science fun and engaging, encouraging the next generation of wildlife heroes.


In recent years, we've made education outreach a priority as part of our mission to create a better world for future generations, our education outreach programming brings field science into the classroom.

Our study areas allow us to increase awareness of conservation issues and efforts that we are currently undertaking. By broadening our geographic horizons, we can also develop relationships with local communities and cater education outreach to their specific interests and relatable topics.

We aspire to create a dialogue about wildlife conservation on a regional scale, and engage people in the fascinating world of their own native flora and fauna.

Along with our outreach programming with elementary, middle school, and high school aged children, we are also constantly invited to speak and give demonstrations at conferences and other events catered towards adults.


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From the teachers:

"The students love seeing the dogs and getting to interact with them and watching the dogs find the scent is always memorable. As a science teacher I was really excited about all the links to biology."

"Amazing! Such a great opportunity for my students to see field work in action.

"We all loved the the dogs but learning about the power of poo really struck my students as amazing... It has really opened all our eyes to the world of Conservation Biology."

Classroom Visits:


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