Here in the lab, we unveil the many secrets held within scat. 

Our laboratory staff at University of Washington's Center for Conservation Biology is a critical part of answering our clients' research questions. We extract DNA, a variety of hormones, toxins and diet measures from these samples and use this information to quantify changes in the health, abundance and distribution of species threatened by one or more human disturbances.  

Our team excels at continually devising smart and streamlined processes for data extraction.



Rebecca Booth
Lab Manager

Rebecca Nelson Booth conducts hormone and DNA analyses on the wide variety of animal species studied by the CCB since 2003.


Misa Winters
Laboratory Research Scientist

Misa became part of the ivory team in 2014 and now acts as our resident methods guru. She received her MS in Zoology from Washington State University and applies her 4 years of ancient DNA experience (Kemp lab of Molecular Anthropology and Ancient DNA) to continue optimizing our DNA retrieval from scat and ivory. 


Tara Wilson
Laboratory Research Scientist

Tara received her BS from UW in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management: Wildlife Conservation and a minor in Quantitative Science. She started volunteering at the CCB in 2013 as an undergrad. Currently, she works on hormones and DNA from a variety of projects.


Yves Hoareau
Laboratory Research Scientist

Currently working on the ivory tracking project, Yves is passionate about nature and wants to dedicate his career to wildlife preservation. Yves originates from France where he studied Biodiversity, Ecology, Ethology, Evolution, Genetics, Population Biology, and Programming. 


Ellie Reese
Laboratory Research Scientist

Ellie joined the CCB team in 2016 and works on the ivory tracking project and the NE Washington carnivore diet study. A Washington state native, she received her MS in Biology from the University of California, San Diego before returning to her home in the pacific northwest.


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