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"The researchers who work with these animals all have stories of their astonishing focus.

There's Sadie, now retired, whose owner put a ball on top of the refrigerator and came back nine hours later to find her still staring up at it. Another dog, working in Africa, sat by a pile of cheetah scat as a herd of gazelles stampeded around him. In Brazil, a dog named Gator was sitting next to a sample when he started hopping to one side, a few feet at a time. It turned out the tiny bit of scat he had found was being carried away by leaf-cutter ants."

— Sierra Magazine

"With just one whiff, a trained scat-detection dog can find feces from animals ranging from giant anteaters to Pacific pocket mice. And there’s one place responsible for more of these super-sniffers than anywhere else: The Conservation Canines program at the University of Washington."


"Reading the dogs is what the handlers of Conservation Canines do best.

Whether it is on a boat or on land searching out the pellets of endangered spotted owls in the Pacific Northwest, or the scent marks of cheetahs on the savannah, or the scat of jaguars in the jungles of Mexico, the handlers know when a dog is on a scent and must keep up with them as they zero in on the target." 

— Mother Nature Network

"The detection probability for northern spotted owls was 87 percent after three searches by the dogs compared to 59 percent after six vocalization surveys following U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service protocols, nearly 30 percent better."

— Science Daily


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