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We rescue and adopt ball obsessed dogs and train them to become detection dogs.

The data our dogs locate is critical in making informed conservation decisions.

This method, although not new, is still gaining traction and this means adopting only extremely ball driven, high energy dogs. 

For example, a dog that is high energy and playful but not obsessed with playing fetch 12 hours a day is not right for this line of work. In our experience, one out of every two hundred dogs we look at becomes a Conservation Canine.

Does your dog stare at the place where you’ve hidden the ball for 8+ hours? Does your dog not let go of the ball when he/she knows playtime is up? Do your dog’s eyes dilate when they see the ball? Will your dog play to exhaustion because they love the ball SO much? Does your dog have trouble bonding with people because all they care about is the ball? If you answered yes to any of these questions, and maybe yes to all of them, then your dog might be a good candidate!


If you know a dog who you think meets the criteria of high energy and obsessive ball drive required by our program, please send us a note using the form! 

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