Tucker's Story

Tucker, a huge black lab that looks remarkably similar to a bear, joined CK9 in 2006. He was adopted from Snoline Kennels, and was quickly sent up to Alberta, Canada to do work in the bitter cold looking for ungulates and wolves. After lots more land work, Tucker was chosen to take on a new challenge: boat work! Joined by his handler and friend, Liz, Tucker took to the high seas to chase after southern resident killer whale scat! His super sense of smell helps him track down the whale poo, which only floats for a short time. With this information, researchers at the University of Washington can determine the health of this population. After many seasons on the boat, Tucker retired in 2017 and joined his handler on San Juan Island to spend his days relaxing! You might run into him on island, he's probably the biggest celebrity around (Sorry Chris Pratt!)

Scenes From The Field



Species Trained On:

  • Orca (killer whale)

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